Friday, February 13, 2015

It's A New Look! Looking Good in Blue!

The hallways and corridors of the Montgomery County Courthouse are awash in dark blue these days.

Montgomery County Sheriff's Department deputies are looking good in their new, crisp blue uniforms. The transition has been occurring during the last several weeks.

Many deputies, corporals and sergeants have proudly traded in their white shirts for dark blue ones.

"This change helps sharpen the image of our office and enhances the professionalism of our staff by making them more identifiable as highly trained officers, who can handle any dangerous situation," Sheriff Russell Bono said recently.  "We want our citizens to feel a sense of pride when they see our officers.

The sheriff's department's law enforcement staff will continue to wear dark blue pants and ties, and the original issue patches with the exception of the lieutenants, Captain Greg Womelsdorf, Chief Deputy Willie Richet and Sheriff Bono, who will keep their white shirts.

Montco Sheriff's Deputies Show Off New Uniforms
/Photo Courtesy Montco Sheriff's Dept.
When I first started seeing the new uniforms I took numerous double-takes, often confusing deputies for local police officers, many of whom wear similar dark, blue uniforms. It has taken some time to get used to the new look on deputies, but I like it. And I agree it makes them more identifiable as law enforcement officials. All of the deputies I've spoken to also seem to like their new looks.

Bono said he got the idea after conducting a joint deadbeat parent roundup with the Bucks County Sheriff's Department.  Bono said he really liked the darker monochrome look of the Bucks County deputies' uniforms, and discussed the idea to change shirts with his staff.  The new shirts also help with another problem, Bono said.

"White shirts are hard to keep clean and professional looking while handling prisoners and gear and, getting in and out of transportation vehicles," Bono said.  "This change will help keep our deputies looking good at all times.  We've already been getting a lot of positive feedback."

A special thank you to the men and women of the Sheriff's Department for serving the public well.

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