Friday, March 28, 2014

Montco Legal Community Remembers

                                 Montgomery County Courthouse/ Photo by Carl Hessler Jr.

     They were considered mentors, colleagues and friends of those in the legal arena and they were remembered with respect and some humor during a poignant memorial service held by the Montgomery Bar Association on Friday. About 150 people packed the ceremonial courtroom at the county courthouse, its walls adorned with the portraits of past and present judges, to honor 10 legal eagles.
     "Barbara loved the law and believed in the law. That was the guiding passion of her life," Theodore S. Coxe Jr. said as he presented the memorial minute in honor of the late Barbara C. Molinsky.
     Similar comments were made by colleagues and relatives of the nine other members who were remembered as great trial lawyers, legal scholars and friends who had a passion for the law and life. The service, thoughtful and reflective, was attended by the entire county bench and other county officials.
     One thing was evident, all of those remembered loved the practice of law and will be missed by all. As I stood in the hallowed courtroom listening to some of the  inspirational tributes, I thought the service was a fitting way to celebrate those who made indelible marks on Montgomery County's  legal community.
     In addition to Molinsky, others remembered with loving tributes on Friday were: Richard Max Bockol; William R. Cooper; Bernard V. DiGiacomo; J. William Ditter III; Cindy B. Hallock; Arthur Lefkoe; Jack M. Marden; Robert E. Slota Jr.; and Thomas E. Waters Jr.
     The service is one of the Bar Association's most memorable traditions and has been held annually since 1925.



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